Day One: Boldly Go...

Boldly Go.jpg

So I started.

If I am honest, it all went a bit faster than I'd planned. This time last week the company had no name, no website, no client and a vague idea of how it might work. I knew what I wanted it to be and had written and talked about elements but somehow I hadn't managed to work out how they worked together and what they all meant. Then last Wednesday HiyaCar said that they wanted to hire (hiya?) me so suddenly it was all systems go.

My mum passed away from cancer in June and her death really made me think about how I worked, who I worked with and what I worked on. Over the summer lots of friends IRL and people I've gotten to know on social media platforms offered support. I saw how collectives can work in practise and how powerful they are.

The Fawnbrake Collective is my way about rethinking the old accepted rules of working. Creative and strategic talent is something that is not going to be outsourced anytime soon to a machine, but the structures that are in place are squandering that talent. I'd love Fawnbrake to be something different and better for everyone.

This poster was hanging on the wall when I started work this morning and I loved it. As Alan Partridge might say "literally the writing is on the wall."