While The Fawnbrake Collective is a virtual collective held together on Slack, we are slightly old-fashioned in that we believe that cultures are created face to face. So with that in mind we have 3 real-world Fawnbrake events that bring Fawnbrakers together, to work, to learn together and to socialise. 

These are open to all you don't have to be a signed up Fawnbraker, just get in touch. Twitter is usually the channel with the latest info and news and probably the easiest place to find and connect with Sera and Amelia. 

The first event that we do are called #StratHacks, which are evening/night strategy hackathons for charities. Our first was for Maggie's Cancer Centres in February. Our next StratHack is on the 19th July with a youth-focused NEET brief. We operate a "pay it forward" model, which is once you've participated in one StratHack you get to suggest the next one for a charity that matters to you. 

FieldTrips are trips out to galleries, lectures and theatres with coffees afterwards. We love working with a diverse gang of smart people who's brains think differently and Field`Trips are a great way of sharpening and opening our thinking. Our last FieldTrip was the incredible spoken word show Misty by Arinzé Kene which is transferring to the West End so go and see it! 

Last but not least we have our Socials which take place at the wonderful Brunswick House in Vauxhall. If you haven't been before then you're in for a treat, a crumbling Georgian mansion tucked away in the modernity of Vauxhall. We've had all our Socials there, we love the place and everything that Jackson Boxer and his team are creating there. It's a special place full of histories and stories and life. At our last Social Sam Conniff Allende, Founder of Brixton-based social enterprise Livity and now best-selling author came and we had a Be More Pirate session (we LOVE the book!)

Our next Social is Wednesday 12th September (TBC) with Bruce Daisley from Twitter and award-winning Podcaster Eat Sleep Work Repeat.