The next event which is open to anyone, registered Fawnbraker or not, is a StratHack.

We’ve been asked by Jennie Cashman Wilson to help her think about the next stage of the her charity, the Abram Wilson Foundation. Abram her husband was a jazz trumpeter from New Orleans. While on tour in America in 2012 Abram was diagnosed with cancer and passed away 2 weeks later. Jennie set up the Foundation in his name to help young musicians in London from challenging backgrounds back their way in the music industry and fulfil their potential. Young people that the Foundation have helped have gone on to become Mercury Music Award winners, so it’s a Foundation that has huge impact.

Jennie wants help to articulate and understand her and with developing a strategy to attract and collaborate with brands and corporates, enabling the Foundation to decrease reliance on trusts and individuals. She’s also keen to explore how this strategy might build out into career development and mentoring programme which supports up and coming musicians build sustainable careers.

StratHacks start at 6.30pm and finish around 10pm. This is being held (thank you!) at Portas, 11 Emerald Street in London.


While The Fawnbrake Collective is a virtual collective held together on Slack, we are slightly old-fashioned in that we believe that cultures are made better in person. So with that in mind we have 3 real-world Fawnbrake events that bring Fawnbrakers together, to work, to learn together and to socialise. These are London based at the moment.

These are open to all you don't have to be a signed up Fawnbraker, just get in touch. Twitter is usually the channel with the latest info and news and probably the easiest place to find and connect with Sera and Amelia.

The first event that we do are called #StratHacks, which are evening/night strategy hackathons for charities. Once described as being like “CrossFit for your brain”, StratHacks are a chance to come together with a smart and diverse group of people, running hard at a problem together and building a strategy prototype by the end of the evening. We’d like these to be monthly in 2019.

FieldTrips are trips out to galleries, lectures and theatres with coffees afterwards. We love working with a diverse gang of smart people who's brains think differently and Field`Trips are a great way of sharpening and opening our thinking. Our last FieldTrip was the incredible spoken word show Misty by Arinzé Kene which is transferring to the West End so go and see it! These take place as and when Fawnbrakers suggest.

Last but not least we have our Socials which take place at the wonderful Brunswick House in Vauxhall. If you haven't been before then you're in for a treat, a crumbling Georgian mansion tucked away in the modernity of Vauxhall. We've had all our Socials there, we love the place and everything that Jackson Boxer and his team are creating there. It's a special place full of histories and stories and life. We usually have an external speaker - these have included author and social entrepreneur Sam Conniff Allende, and journalist Annie Auerbach. These take place quarterly.