How it works

The Fawnbrake Collective lives virtually together on Slack, but we are old-fashioned in our enjoyment of face to face, real world experiences. 

We try to have one event a month - these could be Socials in the crumbling grandeur of Brunswick House; a not for profit evening StratHack for a charity; Fawnbrake FieldTrips out to galleries, lectures, gigs or theatres and Fawnbrake Slows where we take time to work through deeper issues that the independent creative workforce is facing such as mental health or diversity and inclusion. 



Our SOCIALS are free and open to all, whether you’ve been a Fawnbraker since day one or you’re just Fawnbrake curious. 

These events are about meeting other like-minded people: from those who work independently in our industry full time, to those simply independent of thought from wider roles.

We tend to keep the first hour of these events for a Q&A with our Founders for new Fawnbrakers (although all are welcome to hear our story) followed by relaxed and informal conversation over whatever you’re drinking.


We talk a lot about fast, speed, pace and agility, but we recognise that we all also need time to think a little deeper about some of the challenges that the independent creative workforce is facing. 

These panel and discussion led events are ticketed and paid for, with Fawnbrakers getting discounted rates. The cost covers the basics of room and tech costs and anything left over will be donated to a charity appropriate to the topic or theme. 

We try and bring in diverse voices and thinking to these events, and encourage discussion and participation throughout. 


At the end of our first StratHack for a non-profit, a strategically-spent Fawnbraker described the experience as ‘cross-fit for the brain’. 

Taking place over the course of an evening, these hacks really are a workout: often working with smaller charities, with their leadership team in the room, we are briefed and run hard at a specific challenge until we collectively shape a solution and recommendation in 3 hours.