We talk about The Fawnbrake Collective being born of frustration but conceived with love. We were frustrated, our colleagues around us in agencies were frustrated, clients were frustrated. But we loved doing the work.

However, the system around us was creaking and the structures were wrong. Bureaucracy and hierarchies prevailed and everything was just too big. And as Sundar Pichai, the Google Chief Executive says “Pretty much every great thing gets started by a small team”. So we decided to start small, and think different, and build something new rather than modernising something old.

We started with some Post-it Notes, a Sharpie pen and a series of “what if’s”:

What if you could strip away all the agency structures and legacy systems that were getting in the way of work, what would that look like?
What if you could free up time from the continual neurosis of email?
What if you could do away with layers and departments?
What if you could redesign working practices to fit the way that people want to work today?
What if, instead of thinking about freelancers, you thought of them as independent talent?
What if you could access the heads without the overheads?