A new Operating System for Brands

We talk about The Fawnbrake Collective being like an Operating System: our Process is powered by our Principles, our Products are delivered by our People. 

This operating system is designed in line with how we think about brands: a codified set of beliefs, purpose and decision making frameworks. A connected set of customer-centric,  functionally integrated elements fit for the 21st Century, even if not born in it. 

We work flexibly, but this needs structure and hard edges to be effective, and our tried and tested model works to enable collaboration, connectivity and adaptability. 

Our centre of gravity and starting point for every project is always strategy: but this can be brand strategy, product development or experience design. 

Applying our beliefs (Principles) to the challenge and brief, we cast bespoke teams (People) and design a roadmap (Process) to a strategic prototype and potential solution through a combination of actions and impacts (Products.)