We have designed The Fawnbrake Collective to be a new Operating System for brands. 

Here's how it works: 

We believe that smart talent wants to work with others, not for others. 

We believe that clients want a different, more collaborative working relationship with talent to get to better ideas and smarter strategies, faster with less fuss and at a fairer price, you can think of it as "the heads without the overheads."

So that is what The Fawnbrake Collective has been established to do. It's a new Operating System for brands, built for the realities of 21st century working life. 

The Fawnbrake Collective is a diverse group of independent thinkers and makers with stand-out track-records and great connections brought together through shared beliefs and values. There's no internal email. There's no HQ. There's no org chart. No business bureaucracy and petty politics. All the 20th century structures have been stripped away, allowing clients the access to the best talent, and talent the access to the best briefs. Simple, transparent and quick.  No problem looks alike, so no team is alike.  We believe in a flexible, adaptive model designed to work better for everyone.

Big agencies make money when client teams have as many people as possible and projects take as long as possible (FTE scopes of work) However the team that you meet at the pitch is often not the team that you get day to day, we call this "pitch and switch", and you suddenly end up with laters of bureaucracy and people who you don't really know, don't really know what they do and don't know what value they're actually adding.

Fawnbrake operates entirely in the way that best suits both the client and talent - all both are looking for is the best thinking and great work.