The Fawnbrake Collective is a diverse group of independent thinkers and makers with stand-out track-records and great connections, brought together through shared beliefs and values. We have a hands-on approach to new thinking and building creative ideas that matter. We operate as Professional Pacers, we help other Fawnbrakers think smarter, get faster and enjoy ourselves in the process. The Collective is run on Slack, not email. We build connections through real-world activities such as not-for-profit Strategy Hackathons (“StratHacks”), Socials at Brunswick House in Vauxhall and FieldTrips to explore London and beyond (theatres, galleries, pop up’s etc) We do the right thing not because of commercial imperatives, but because it’s the right thing to do, #KarmaNotKickbacks.

One rule: Get involved but don’t be a dick.

What The Fawnbrake Collective is not? It’s not just a database of freelancers. There are plenty of those and they do a good job. Maybe we are idealistic but we are looking for people that we like, respect and trust and for people who want to help shape what this Collective has the power to be. So if you just want a source of new business leads, this probably isn’t the place for you.

We don’t believe in exclusivity, so if you’re part of other networks and collectives and you’re interested in the Fawnbrake Collective that’s totally fine.

We are keeping it super simple:

If you're interested in finding out more the best thing is to come along to a Fawnbrake Event - a Social, FieldTrip or StratHack. Details will always be on this website or on our social channels. They're a great way of you getting to know us, and vica versa, and you also have the chance to meet some of the other Fawnbrakers. 

Why don't you sign to be a "Friend of Fawnbrake" and get up to date with news and event details.  Just click here to sign up to our mailing list via the simple Contact Us form (it's a double opt in but once you've clicked the link in your email, that's it, you're done)

If you decide that you'd like to become a "Fawnbraker" and be considered for consulting assignments,  please help us to understand your needs and your professional expertise. We've designed this survey  please click and fill it in. It also includes the opt-in for Fawnbraker Slack channel which is how the Collective communicates internally. Without the survey we can’t do anything.