The Fawnbrake Process

We have a very simple 4 phase process, built on the combined fundamentals of Design Thinking and Agile. Fawnbrake Collective projects will always have at least one of these phases, often all 4 are implemented.



This is a discovery and landscaping phase. We often deliver this through a series of embedded ethnographies. We generate a series of themes, insights and provocations which feed in to phase 2.

Products & services include:
Embedded ethnographies & observation
Depths: internal, stakeholders
Consumer audience research
Social listening
Landscape mapping
Provocation & Challenge matrix


A StratHack is the Fawnbrake methodology to developing strategic and creative prototypes at speed. Collaborative and hands-on, StratHacks gather diverse sets of internal stakeholders and external experts to work through a customised series of strategy and ideation sprints.

Products & services include:
Brand strategy
Brand personality, purpose & positioning
Communications architecture
Experience design
Business planning
Innovation prototyping


This is a longer based phase using the insights and thinking from Hack. This phase focuses on more detailed executional deliverables.

Products & services include:
Workshop design & facilitation
Narrative mapping
Brand world & visual identity
Effectiveness & impact analysis
Leadership training
Organisational repurposing
Communications architectures
Experience design


Culture eats strategy for breakfast, so how do you make strategy stick and more importantly come to life. This final phase focuses on internal communications and puts inputs into organisational cultures.

Products & services include:
Training & induction programmes
Internal workshops
Culture change consultancy